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Iron ore is raw material of iron-steel sector. A mine should be economic in terms of being used and and operated in order to be evaluated it as an ore. Blend of iron ores used in steel industry is supposed to be at least 57% Fe. Minerals of iron ores are found in nature as Magnetite (Fe304), hematite (Fe203), Limonite (2Fe203.2H20), Goethite (Fe203. H20), Siderite (FeCO3) and Pyrite (FeS2).


Iron Ore Powder (Micronize)

Our investments have been continuing related to production of micronized and iron oxide. After the end of investments we will meet the demands of our valuable customers as soon as possible.

Fine Ore

Ores between 0-10mm.





Lumpy Ore

Ores between 10-150mm.

Calibre Ore

Ores between 10-30mm.